martes, 30 de septiembre de 2014


   Hey Gals! Welcome to our wedding community! Wether he popped the question and you're already planning your "BIG DAY", you and your partner have mentioned it as a possibility, or as me you are single and daydreaming of the day you become a Mrs., this blog is for all of you who are interested in weddings.

We are Bodas Huatulco, and our purpose with this blog is to help you map out and plan that so very special moment. Bodas Huatulco was created when Marce and Amaury were planning their wedding and realized the importance of a wedding coordinator who you could trust, and after planning their own beautiful 3 days wedding (no kidding) by themselves with no outside help, they decided to quit their day jobs and start a new adventure. 
Bodas Huatulco is certified as a professional wedding consultant by the Latin American association of wedding consultants and holds a certification by the GayWeddingInstitute.

Now a day we're close to our 100th happy couple. (Yehi!) My name is Jeza, I live in beautiful Huatulco, Mexico and I love weddings with a passion! This blog will be weekly updated on Tuesday morning, and even tho we specialize in beach weddings (YES, you can), we will be covering and talking about all kinds of wedding related subjects. We will also share pictures of our weddings, today I'd like to share with you some pictures of how this adventure began, Marce and Amaury's very own special day...

Love is in the air
Photoshoot after the ceremony
Set up
See you next Tuesday... J