martes, 28 de octubre de 2014

SOS! What am I supposed to wear as a Beach Wedding guest?

Hey! It is set, your Dream Destination Wedding is booked and closed, there are only a couple things left alone to take care, such as the fact that your friends and family are 24/7 on the phone asking: Is there a dress code?

Whenever a couple chooses to celebrate their wedding on the beach, their guests may start wondering what to wear. Here are a few recommendations that your guests may find helpful:


Dress:  Linen, silk, cotton or any other light fabric is ideal, with straps or strapless.

Shoes: Sandals, of course! With very low heel or none at all! (yehi!)

Make up: Always natural, avoiding bright colors (preferably with sunscreen)

Accessories: Delicate to add a special touch (Remember: metals absorb heat and may be uncomfortable on the skin)


Pants: Linen, cotton or any other light fabric pants and always use light colors.

Shirt: White or colored “Guayabera” or loose shirt.

Shoes: Elegant sandals or shoes, but no socks! (Please, never, NEVER)

It is very common for the couple to request that their guest’s attire is a certain color; usually beige or white, as seen in these pictures... Enjoy, see u next Tuesday J.

martes, 21 de octubre de 2014

Love is in the air... SKY LANTERNS!

Hey girls, so as the date aproaches we keep considering options for our "Oh, so expected" Beach wedding, like I promised before, today we are going to talk about Sky Lanterns.

Lately, Sky Lanterns have become more and more popular in our events, and how could they not, it's not only a beautiful sight, but also a "once in a life time" experience for the Bride and Groom, to figuratively, put some of your love and good wishes back into the universe, and as wedding are full of nothing but love (or at the very  least I hope they are), Sky Lanterns are on the "Top 10" list of things people want for their out doors reception.
To ensure the Sky Lantern’s release becomes an unforgettable experience, here are a few tips:

1.- the wind direction to make sure your lanterns don't fly away towards buildings or trees. If there's a little breeze, you should consider getting long-handled lighters.

2.- Add a nice touch to the experience by personalizing the lighters or matchboxes you give your guests.

3.- We recommend someone, the B&G for instance, show the rest of the guests how to light and release the Sky Lanterns.

4.- Be sure that your guests are aware of the delicate and fragile nature of the Lanterns, and that they should therefore handle them accordingly.

5.- It is ideal to usea a microphone to be sure everyone can hear the instructions.

6.- Three people are required to light and release a Sky Lantern, so the appropriate number of lanterns should be assigned to each table (three per table).

7.- You should also warn your guests that the Sky Lanterns must be fully expanded before they release them.

8. And last, but not least, ask your guest to make a wish on behalf of the Bride and Groom when they release them.

 Sending love and good vibes toward the universe...

 Love is in the air...

 Memories in the making

 A great start for the adventure of a lifetime

 Like I said, Nothing but love...

   See you next week... J

lunes, 20 de octubre de 2014

So you’ve decided on a beach wedding? Well, you must definitely use fireworks!

Hello everybody! So you've talked it over and you finally decided you are having a beach wedding? First of all, allow me to recommend having it in beautifull Huatulco, and second of all let me tell you that if you are having your wedding reception at the beach, fireworks are a must! 

They are just perfect for outdoor celebrations and adds a lot of romance and glamour! There are countless varieties creating different effects that will  surprise and delight your guests. Because nothing says "I just married the love of my life" as literally having fireworks as a background.

Have a look at some of these examples:

  Chrysanthemums or Aerial Display Shells

Gerbs (can be used indoor)

Always remember that fireworks are not something you experiment with, and must be handled by pyrotechnic professionals. Ensuring the quality of the products is vital; in order to make sure the desired effects are achieved. Focusing solely on the price and not the quality will often bring disappointing results.

What if pyrotechnics don’t fit your budget? There’s an amazing and economical alternative you can use to create that “wow” effect: Sky Lanterns! I'll tell you all about them next tuesday! J

martes, 7 de octubre de 2014

Still wondering why you need a wedding planner?

     Hey there! Raise your hand if you've ever thought to yourself: "I don't need a profesional, I can do it myself and save some money". Leave it up if you just had to end up hiring a profesional to fix your fixer upper (I'm blushing crimson). If you're anything like me it has probably happened a couple times to many, the difference with your wedding would be that you dont get to marry the love of your life twice. Avoid stress complications and the ultimate bridal fear, turning into Bridezilla.

Wedding Planners are there to ensure that your event surpasses the dream that you embraced for your wedding day. Our work not only includes discussion and implementation of ideas for your wedding, but most importantly, our professional advice on the venue option and concept. And overall what for many may seem like an unnecessary expense, can prove to be a way of saving some money.

We provide floor plan options for your reception, help you plan a menu that suits your budget as well as your preferences and arrange food tastings. Among many other things, we support you with your decisions on wedding specifics from decor to vendors to family dynamics, you have no idea how valuable has proven to have an outside person to fix differences of opinion. 
We will provide an estimate budget, based on the size, scale and services required for your wedding. A detailed explanation on deposit structures and payment schedules is also provided, as well as an itinerary of your wedding day.

We will oversee every stage of your wedding, from the ceremony/reception setup to the exit of the last guest. Besides liberating you from excessive stress and time spent, we can expertly guide you through a myriad of complications, while saving you money. 

And all this to ensure that in YOUR wedding day, your husband-to be, You and your families can truly devote yourselves to be happy and enjoy this beautiful experience... Till next Tuesday, J

For all of this to come together... 

it takes time and planning...

but in the end...

All those details...

And all that effort...

Wedding planners

Are worth...

Every single penny...