martes, 25 de noviembre de 2014

Are my bridesmaids supposed to wear the same dress?

Hey gals! One of the many concerns brides have is what are their bridesmaids going to wear, after all, we're talking about your sisters, closest friends and sometimes sisters to be, so this are all girls you love and you want them to be happy.

As a personal preference, I can tell you that I really like how it looks when all the brides are wearing the exact same dress, specially on magazines where all the bridesmaids wear the same size.

Having been a bridesmaid I can tell you that wearing a dress that does not befit your body shape and / or personality can be a BIG thing for some people (sorry to count myself among those).

My recommendation would be to meet half way, keep the color scheme the same and maybe have 3 different dress designs that your bridesmaids can choose from. 

After all, you may want them all to wear that pretty dress with the spaguetti straps, but I'm sure your cousin who wears a 38 D would really appreciate it if she could wear a bra that offered some support, and like this, I could mention a hundred little things. 

As you can see in this pictures, if  you keep the color and fabric, you can achieve that "same dress" look, without having them wear the exact same dress... and of course considering that you can dress them up using different accesories to reinforce the look. 

Here I'm posting different examples of bridal parties, enjoy. J...

martes, 18 de noviembre de 2014

Am I supposed to design my wedding dress?

Hey girls!
Last week after I wrote the blog I kept thinking about the gorgeous ensembles and short dresses, just to decide, they are after all, not my thing. Based on experience, I can say one of the most difficult decisions a bride-to-be has to make is either having a custom tailored wedding gown or getting a dress at a specialized shop. 

The future bride spends hours dreaming about her gown and how it should fit. This can be come pretty stressful, besides, everyone has (Oh so many!) suggestions about show the perfect wedding dress should look or be.

When you look at wedding gowns in magazines, you should always think that the drape of the fabric you choose may change the look of the original design. In addition to that, your body may be different from the magazine models' and the shape may not be the best fit for you.
The creation of a custom tailored gown is time consuming and if you are unhappy with the result, it is not an item you can change.
If you choose to get your gown at a specialized store instead, you will be able to pick from many different options that you can try on!

 Plus, if it does not fit perfectly, there is more than enough time for alterations. See you next week! J...

Extra tip: To avoid any problem, your gown should be ready at least 10 days before your wedding day.

miércoles, 12 de noviembre de 2014

I am NOT going to wear a long dress!!

Hey girls! Most women dream of their wedding day picturing themselves wearing the classing long flowing dress, but not all of us have that dream, now a days, there are a lot of different options, like short gowns or ensembles.

First, I would like to show you some pictures of Maria and Mario’s beautiful civil ceremony.

Maria decided to wear a short gown and instead of using a veil, she used a mesh. It is the first time one of our brides choses this kind of look and we love it! 

If you are seeking for comfort over glamour on your beach wedding day, this can be an excelent choice. 
Our tip for you is to pay special attention to your shoes, pedicure and accessories if you choose to wear a short gown!

Here are a couple more short gown options I just LOVE!

Not just the lenght, but also the details

Just Beautiful

Need I say more?

We know every bride is different, so I would also like to showcase some brides that felt more comfortable wearing pants than a dress. Here are some beautifull ensembles I found on the internet.

 See you next week... J

martes, 4 de noviembre de 2014

5 things NOT to do on your wedding day!

Hey gals! As brides-to-be, we tend to plan our wedding too far in advance. This is why we must take our time to relax and enjoy our D-day knowing that everything will turn out just the way we planned it. Here are some of the things I recommend the brides not to do on their wedding day:

1.- Do not call the vendors every five minutes to check if everything is ok. I know it is hard to stay calm but you need to trust they will do their job and solve all the possible problems. If this is something you think you will not be able to deal with, I suggest you hire a wedding planner.

2.- Do not forget to eat. You are so tense on your wedding day that the last thing you think of is eating. You wouldn’t want to feel sick or even faint in the middle of the ceremony, so unless you are planning to make a pit stop, EAT something before the ceremony.

3.- Do not wear a complicated outfit when you are getting ready,  a robe or a loose shirt is perfect while your make up is being applied so that when you change clothes, it stays in place.

4.- Do not forget about the groom! It sounds weird, huh? You are so worried about every little detail that you forget about him.  Spend some quality time before the wedding and share a moment with your future husband; after all he’s the love of your life.

5.- The last and most important thing you need to remember: Do not miss a single moment of your wedding, enjoy it all you can because it will feel like it lasted a minute.

Remember, its YOUR day, so relax and breathe, enjoy your family and friends, and over all rejoice on the fact that you are marring the love of your life, see you next Tuesday... J