jueves, 28 de enero de 2016

A romantic way to get married… Symbolic Ceremony

Today we want to write about symbolic ceremonies,
First thing you need to know is they don’t have any legal or religious validity, in this act, the meaning, romance and importance are given by the couple.
This rituals are really pretty, and you can personalized them as much as you want, you can write your own vows, exchange of rings, make guests or close family and friends to participate, add some music, anything you can imagine!

Next posts we will give you some ideas about different rituals you can do on your wedding.

miércoles, 27 de enero de 2016

A fun idea: photobooth at your wedding

Having a photobooth will add an original, retro and fun touch to your wedding.

Everyone has posed at least once in a photobooth, the memories printed on those shoots, always had a story that made us sigh.

The best is you can rent a photobooth and make your guests take improvised pictures like they used to when they were kids, you can ask them to write something to you on the back of the picture and to put it on a gallery you, like a cork wall, or a cloth line, where they can hang it, or a simple scrapbook.

Ask your family and friends to take as many pictures as they want and keep one shoot as a wedding souvenir.

There are some companies that offer the possibility of give you funny accessories like glasses, wigs, hats, that can be used for the pictures.

You’ll get unlimited print photos in pvc, which will make them more durable. Besides they can share them instantly on facebook and you’ll keep the photo gallery in digital format.

lunes, 25 de enero de 2016

Should I have a makeup test?

Lately, brides have asked us if it is necessary to have a makeup test and my answer is IT IS ABSOLUTLY NECESSARY, I’ll explain why...

When we are getting married, we are really undecided people, because it is the day we’ve been dreaming and idealizing, and we want everything to be perfect, that perception begins when the bride makeup, if she is happy with the way she looks and feels, it’s is certain that the event already has a 60% ensured that the party will be unforgettable, yes! Everything begins with the bride's feeling.

Now, why is the makeup and hairstyle test so important?
Because during the test day you can change hairstyles as you wish, lose hair, tied hair, curls, straight hair, little makeup, try different accessories, and check if it is going to last, and have the perfect image of how you are going to look that special day. During the event day, you won’t have the time to try and change makeup or hairstyle, so it is better to do it before.

Conclusion: Brides must have a hairstyle and makeup test minimum 2 days before the big day.

domingo, 24 de enero de 2016

5 reasons to celebrate a Beach Wedding

Hi everyone!
Remember we wrote about Destination Weddings? Well, today I want to write about Destination Weddings on the beach.
Here you’ll find 5 reasons to marry on a Beach Destination.
1. Beach weddings are more original, relaxed and informal, which allows the use of short dresses for women, and guayabera and pants for men.
2.   There are no rules for a beach wedding, which means it can be more fun, you can marry underwater, on a yacht, or even wear a bikini for the party, remember every bride is different so it’s your choice.
3.   You’ll have the best scenery framing your event, sunset, the sea, the moon, it will be magical!!
4.   Beach weddings are outdoors so you can use fireworks, or launch sky lanterns, a show no one will forget.
5.   Your friends and family will have a lot of fun too, and they will be grateful to you for bringing them out of the routine.

If some friends or family couldn’t be there with you, when you get back, organize a dinner at your new home with seafood, to show your wedding photos and videos.

If you want to get married on the beach Bodas Huatulco can help you to make your dreams come true.

viernes, 22 de enero de 2016

A unique guest book

Hello Brides-to-be!

Most couples want to include a guest book at their wedding for friends and family to sign or leave comments to be kept and treasured.  Here are several original ideas for recording these wedding wishes ... 

Wedding wishes tree:

Your friends and family can add their creative personal touch to your tree with some art and their names or a short message.  This is fun for guests and an original keepsake that you can admire on a wall in your home.
It’s recommended that you have your guest wishes tree prepared in advance and ready for your wedding day with the necessary materials such as pens and colors for people to use.


Pick out a special picture or make a favorite photos collage for your guests to leave their good wishes and signatures.  Later you can have it framed and put it in your home as a very unique and personal reminder of your wedding day.
How about using decorative river stones for your guests’ signatures and comments? ... I think it’s a sensational idea.

The most important thing is to take care of these details in advance to be ready for the big day

miércoles, 20 de enero de 2016

4 tips to select a photographer for a beach wedding

Hello brides!!

Today I would like to give you some tips to select your wedding photographer, if you are having a Destination wedding you have to pay special attention in this service, because it is a unique and unrepeatable, which you won’t be able to revive if your pictures are moved or the service wasn’t what you expected. So, we recommend you this:

  1. Make sure your photographer is a professional, not everyone who has a camera is, in my experience in more than a hundred beach weddings, I’ve noticed although they have the best camera, if they don’t know how to used, how to handle light, or zoom, pictures can be really wrong, remember not every photographer has the experience of handle exterior light and in the beach it is only natural light.
  2. Don’t choose a photographer based on the number of photos or cameras used, pick him according the image composition, the takes and his technique quality, but specially, his experiences as a wedding photographer, how? By checking his past sessions. A professional photographer would gladly show you all his work.
  3. Ask your photographer to show you his work captured in a single wedding, so you would be able to appreciate everything he’ll deliver to you.
  4. Try to be you who select the photo service, even if someone else is paying for it, set a budget and give your groomsmen, or the person who will pay, choices of photographers, you can even pay the difference if they can’t support you with the total amount.
    Believe me, you won’t regret!

lunes, 18 de enero de 2016

Beach wedding hairstyles

Hi girls!

As we all know, every detail in a wedding should be decided with time, sometimes we leave makeup and hairstyle for the end, but remember; IT’S YOUR WEDDING, and all eyes will be on the bride. 
That’s why we recommend you to have a hair and makeup test before the wedding, according the bride’s style, the dress, and face. It is important to think in your comfort too.

For a beach wedding, we recommend you to wear your hair tied, or with your natural hair, because curls or straight hair won’t last long because of the beach breeze.

Here we have some options:

Accessories that will look really beautiful are natural flowers, and if it is a beach wedding, some sea stars or snails will add a divine touch.

Extra tip: use hairspray, it will help your hairstyle to last longer.

Check out our pinterest for more beach wedding hairstyles:

lunes, 11 de enero de 2016

How to choose my wedding date?

Hey girls!

Tell your guests 10 months to a year in advance
about your #DestinationWedding
Now you are getting married, your first big decision to make is:  when your wedding is going to be, -why is it so important? - you may ask, the answer is simple:  you will be able to  select  and aside the suppliers you like for the big day, also, if you are having a Destination Wedding,  your guests will save the date and you will have everyone you love celebrating with you.

How do I choose it? One easy way to do it is to base on the season, especially if you are traveling elsewhere. Normally the best weather of a touristic destination is related with high season in the place, disadvantages? it causes an increase of tourists, higher rates and it is too much difficult to find accommodation.

If you are thinking to marry during high season, you must tell your guests 10 months to a year in advance so they can buy plane tickets and make hotel reservations before prices rise.

If you decide to get married during low season, you’ll have more advantages and also your guests will find lower rates or better deals and discounts. And the most important thing is you’ll enjoy good weather too!

Remember not to abandon your guests once you decide the place and the date, because, you will have your trip organized, however they will start from scratch. 
Try to get group rates for the plane and hotel, give them useful information about hotels location, airports, airlines and the destination itself. This way, they will be grateful and will have a clear idea for planning their trip and they will be with you in your special day!

domingo, 10 de enero de 2016

What’s a Destination Wedding?

Hey future husband and wife!
Today, continuing with the same subject, I wanna to talk about Destination Weddings, and what you need to know if you want to have a very special one.
A Destination Wedding is one that takes place outside where the couple and family live. It could be at a different town, city or even a different country.
This type of wedding is becoming more popular, it’s characterized by being more relaxed, because it imply a trip for the couple and above all the guests, which causes them out of routine, it’s like a little family vacation and also a celebration.
Travel can bring people together; build memories, and also share time with family and friends you love.
If you are not from Mexico, we recommend you to marry here, we have beautiful beaches, magical colonial towns, and a lot of special places where your wedding will be memorable!
Besides, it will be a cheaper wedding! So you can invest in having more activities and gifts for your guests.
Remember to hire a Local Wedding Planner, who will help you to supervise every detail, and they will recommend you reliable suppliers, so feel stress free!
Next week we will talk about a paradise called Huatulco, where you can have the Destination Wedding of your Dreams!
See you!

jueves, 7 de enero de 2016

Natural Headdresses for your #BeachWedding

Hi girls!

Today we are going to give you some ideas of headdresses you can use at your Beach wedding.

Some brides are afraid of wearing this because of bees or insects that can be bothering, however, nothing of it happens, Bodas Huatulco, as  beach wedding coordinators have never seen a bride suffering for it.

What we consider to be careful of is the proportion of the flower with the hairstyle and your head because; big flowers can ruin the delicacy of the accessory.

If you wish to have this headdress, you should consider it in advance and ask for it to your florist, so they can get a mini flower for you to match with your bouquet.

As we said before, orchids are a perfect option because they endure heat and last longer.

Look some examples of this beautiful accessory:
Orchids will last longer and endure the heat.
Little roses will give you a beautiful and elegant touch.

lunes, 4 de enero de 2016

I'm engaged!!! Now what???

Still exited and moved by your marriage proposal?? I believe you are, but it is time to begin planning a wedding.

A lot of couples do not know where and how to begin, so, before you guys go crazy, take a deep breath and continue reading…

First decisions to make:
  • Date.
  • Type of wedding (day wedding, night wedding, in a garden, at the beach)
  • Kind of ceremony (religious, symbolic, civil)
  • How many guests?

Why are these data so important? Because without them any wedding coordinator and supplier will give you an actual budget. 

For example if you want a destination beach wedding you will look for information at places like Huatulco, Zihuatanejo, Cancún…

Another example, if you go to a florist, they will ask how many guests will you have? In order to get the exact number of center pieces.

The same will happen with the catering service.

So it is really important for you to have the answer of these questions clear, and then begin to create a budget.

Next week, we will give you tips to define the date.