miércoles, 27 de abril de 2016

When should I deliver a Beach wedding invitation?

A lot of brides have been asking this lately, it is important to thing that when you are having a beach wedding, it is normally a destination wedding, so your guests have to move from where they live to the place where the wedding is going to be. 

This means people need to plan and program a trip to attend to your wedding, the invitations should be delivered at least three months before, but don͛t forget to send a ͚save the date͛ to your guests minimum six months in advance. 

miércoles, 20 de abril de 2016

Teeth Whitening

Every bride's dream is to look perfect the most important day of her life, and a bright smile surely makes the difference, teeth whitening is the treatment to restore dental Aesthetics of your smile. 

This treatment is not invasive, doesn͛t damage teeth and will allow you to have a beautiful and sú per white smile on ͚D͛ day. Don͛t forget you͛ll be smiling a lot at your wedding so, your teeth should look radiant. 

The good news is we have this service in Huatulco, and you͛ll only need one session, so you can take it a day before the event. 

Here you have the contact details in case you are interested: 

Dra. Maria Candelaria Cueto Rabanales 
Lic. en Estomatologia/ Esp. en Odontopediatria. 
C. PROF. 6073281 / C. ESP. 8089713 
Tel Office: 958 58 70600 
Tel Cel: 958 11 10941 
Mail: candycueto@hotmail.com 

miércoles, 13 de abril de 2016

An original wedding cord for a beach wedding

Lately, maids of honor have written to us to ask what would be original for the wedding cord, a beautiful idea is to have the lasso made with natural flowers. 
Also they could use sea stars, snails and shells, it is an original idea and a detail that will look amazing and will match with the wedding theme.

miércoles, 6 de abril de 2016

What are the rehydrated flowers?

Some of our readers have asked about rehydrated flowers and we wish to answer some of their doubts on this post. 

What are rehydrated flowers? 
They are natural flowers that are dried out for three weeks with technology and after are rehydrated against humidity, ultraviolet light and insects. This way they will last for years.  
Do they keep their natural appearance? 
Yes, it is even hard to distinguish them from the natural ones, because they are smooth to the touch, they are not stiff.  
Are they expensive? 
It depends on the point of view, if you buy a natural bouquet that you would use only once, they are expensive, however, when compared with an artificial bouquet it isn’t expensive at all. Rates are between $2,500 and $5,000 pesos. (About 140- 280 US Dollars).