miércoles, 11 de mayo de 2016

How to hold my wedding bouquet?

 I know, the question is pretty silly, it shouldn’t be a problem, however, when making the triumphal entrance to the church or to the ceremony, brides should be with their dads (or the person who is supposed to hand over her at the altar) by her right side, so the right hand holds the person and with her left hand she holds the bouquet so it looks. 
In case you have a cascading bouquet you should keep it above your waist so it has a beautiful fall. 

And if it is a bouquet you should hold it up to your waist. 

miércoles, 4 de mayo de 2016

Signboards with fun messages, ideal for your beach wedding!

Lately, brides have brought signboards with amusing phrases, which we pass to the dancefloor so the guests take pictures. It is a super fun idea! You can do it yourself or you can print them, another idea is to buy some mini blackboards and your guests will write something for you. 

Check some photos: