miércoles, 29 de junio de 2016

False eyelashes: In strip or one by one?

It is true, a lot of women need this big makeup tricks to look spectacular on our wedding, but what’s the perfect choice for not having inconvenient on a beach wedding? 

If you already decided you are wearing false eyelashes and you are getting married on the beach, we recommend you one by one eyelashes, because the ones with strip may be detached by the heat. However, you should put them a day before because the liquid may irritate your eyes. 

miércoles, 22 de junio de 2016

Lipstick for your wedding

Hi girls!

Even if you will have a professional makeup artist to make up you on your wedding day, it is important you are prepared with lipstick, because it is something that needs more careful because of the kisses, congratulations and above all, drinks and food, and if your makeup artist won’t be by your side, we recommend you to buy the tone of lipstick you have chosen in your test and have it in your kit, so you can be aware on that detail. 

Remember the bride will always be the center of the attention, so you must look spectacular in every moment.  

miércoles, 15 de junio de 2016

Tips to consider for your trash the dress

Trash the dress is trendy, if you have already decided you’re doing it, we want to give you some tips:

1. Professional hair and makeup: a lot of photographers tell you don’t have to do hair and makeup because it’s a casual shooting and you’re going to get wet, this is a total mistake, if you are paying a professional photographer, it is something you don’t do everyday and you will look so much better… besides, you will let the photographer do close-ups to your face.

2. Have an open communication with your photographer about the pictures you want and be honest with him… once we had a bride who wanted to have pictures under water but she didn’t know how to swim!! After a while of seeing the session was getting complicated we noticed she couldn’t swim and having a sub-aquatic session is complicated because the dress gets really heavy and entangles, so it is necessary to have control and hold the breath.

3. Ask your wedding coordinator to bring things you could use to get amazing photos, like the “&” symbol, a champagne bottle, an umbrella, flowers, or anything you want, use your imagination.

4. Remember to bring extra clothes to change after the session finishes.