miércoles, 13 de julio de 2016

How many bouquets should I use for the wedding?

Hello my brides to be, we have been asked about how many bouquets should a bride use for the wedding, our suggestion is three. 
Main bouquet; this must be the showiest and the ideal is it is made with natural flowers, it is the one you use for the ceremony and the photo shoot. 
Bouquet for the Virgin; if you are catholic, this is the one you offer as grattitud for the new marriage and ask her for blessings for you and your husband. 
Bouquet to winnow ; as the name explains it all, this is the one you winnow and the single lady who catches it is the next one who gets married. 
Bodas Huatulco has a tradition of forming this bouquet with the ones of your bridesmaids and tie them up with a ribbon, and before throwing it, the ribbon is removed so all bouquets will fly off and more than one single woman will take a little bouquet, and the illusion of planning a wedding will be multiplied! 
Note: this is what we recommend, however, the minimum should be 2 bouquets, the main bouquet and the Virgin's bouquet. 
It is really awful that if you don’t have one for the Virgin, you offer the main bouquet instead and after someone goes to pick it up because you haven’t had your photo session. So, if you use two bouquets, you will winnow your main bouquet.