miércoles, 2 de agosto de 2017

Wedding ammenities for your beach wedding!

Bodas Huatulco- wedding ammenities, amenidades
Hello my brides-to-be!

As we all know, brides are not the only ones who want to look perfect at a wedding, everyone goes with their best dress, or suit, not to mention the hair and makeup, the truth is, even if people try to stay perfect all night long, it is really difficult!,  especially if they are having a good time; and who hasn’t passed that at some point, you don’t smell as beautiful as you did, or your hairstyle isn’t a hairstyle anymore, or even worst, you forgot to bring an additional tampon or pad, (saddly it happens) or you just need mint bubble gum to feel your mouth clean.

Well, your guests will be truly grateful if you think of all these details, so we recommend you to place baskets with some toiletries that your guests (men and women) might need, in the venue’s restrooms.

Based on our experience, we recommend you to consider these ammenities:
  • Spray deodorant.
  • Hairbrush or comb.
  • Bobby pins and hair ties. 
  • Lip gloss or chap stick.
  • Spray, mousse or gel.
  • Sanitary Pads or tampons (girls only)
  • Sewing kit with safety pins.
  • Kleenex.
  • Alka-Seltzer. 
  • Pepto Bismol. 
  • Aspirins. 
  • Band-Aids.
  • Mint Bubble gum.
  • Mouth wash.
  • Lollipops (Tootsie pops are the most popular in Mexico)      
  • Mosquito repellent.
Of course this is just a suggestion, if you have any other idea, or you want to add something else, it would be great! 
Let us know, what else do you think it should be added?

miércoles, 26 de julio de 2017

Trash the dress in the pool

Bodas Huatulco, Trash the dress, Huatulco
Today I want to show you Diana and Roberto’s  trash the dress, the day after their wedding in Huatulco, with their photographer Jorge Santiago.

Bodas Huatulco, Trash the dress, Huatulco

This session was performed in the pool, and they truly accomplished amazing photos! It is important to tell you that the advantage of having the session in the pool is you won’t be fighting with the ocean waves, and sometimes you won’t have in the sea the clarity of the pool…

If you couldn’t have a beach wedding but you want to have a photo session like this, or a in the beach we can help you have one in Huatulco. 

miércoles, 19 de julio de 2017

A unique foot accessory for the bride at a beach wedding

At a beach wedding, it is sometimes difficult for the bride to wear regular shoes as sand can get in them or heels can get buried, making it a potentially uncomfortable experience.  So I want to present this original idea:  Walking barefoot to the altar with these beautiful Barefoot Sandals, which you can find in a variety of colors and styles.  They are an artful and unique touch and will get noticed.  
Remember that if you plan to wear this accessory, you must make sure to get a pedicure so your feet look amazing.

You can see more styles at:  https://www.foreversoles.com/collections/barefoot-sandals  

miércoles, 8 de marzo de 2017

Trash the Dress in Huatulco

This photographic shooting is designed for couples that always dreamt about getting married on the beach but, because of family, economic or logistic circumstances, couldn’t celebrate their wedding by the sea.

Bodas Huatulco wants to give the opportunity to this couples  of having the photos they’ve always imagined.
Now, as husband and wife, you can come to Huatulco as your second honeymoon and relive the magical moments of your wedding, dressed again as bride and groom; and have a photo shooting with an incredible scenery, accompanied by the sea, the sun and the sand under your feet. It will be so romantic and fun, can you imagine?

So, take out your wedding dress and give it a wonderful use, you deserve to have beautiful photos with your husband!

If you want more information feel free to contact us.