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A wedding planner, yes.

When my husband and I decided that we wanted to get married outside of the city we live in, a friend recommended that I hire a wedding planner. I thought about it for a few days and after a thorough search we made the best decision of the whole wedding organization: to hire Marce. Today I want to share with you two meaningful experiences that prompted me to dedicate part of my budget to this matter.

Two friends got married the year before my boyfriend gave me the ring. The first one, had her party in the same city where she lives; it was an incredible wedding. All of the bride's guests were called to her house for an elegant buffet breakfast while she was getting ready for such a magical moment. Then we escorted her to the church, which was beautifully arranged, with no lack of flowers. The place of the party was a luxurious and old hotel of the city, with a magnificent banquet, every bite was a pleasure to senses. The wedding was perfect. However... the process to get to that day was disastrous. Two weeks ago my friend had to go to several sessions with the psychologist and even take painkillers. She was in such a bad mood all the time that she didn't enjoy anything of her daily life for three months before, because she was overwhelmed that even bad weather could ruin her big day. No thanks, I didn't want that for myself. 

The other case was my friend who had a destination wedding. She also got married next to the sea. She is a wonderful organizer and an excellent administrator. She looked for suppliers, the best location for her party, brought a priest from a faraway city, took care of absolutely everything. When we saw her days before the wedding, she was satisfied, calm and very excited about what was coming. On the wedding date, we flew there, dressed up in our hotel and went to the place marked on the invitation. From a distance she arrived with her mother holding her arm and as if it were a movie her face went from emotion to anger in seconds when she was near the altar; the arrangement was another one she had dreamed of. The next few hours everything went like this. Even at her wedding dance, she could not contain her tears for everything that had come out different than planned. Of course I loved the experience, I had a delicious dinner, I danced a lot and I'm sure we all had an incredible time on that spectacular night by the sea. But she doesn't remember it. She had a different idea she coordinated thoroughly from miles away. I definitely didn't want to go through the same situation either.

That is why we consider that a person from Huatulco would be extremely helpful when finding the right suppliers according to our budget. And of course, in order to enjoy the whole planning process. As such, we would be able to enjoy the whole year prior to the preparation free of anger, no surprises and no unfortunate surprises for the day of the event. So, after reading recommendations, reading the page of Huatulco Wedding, and entering their blog, I contacted Marce Villaseñor and arranged an appointment taking advantage of my business trip in my city. With a delicious coffee, Marce told us everything we needed to know to make our wedding idea a reality. I loved her professionalism, organization and a few days later we called her to say yes, that we wanted to work with her and that we wanted her to be our wedding planner. To this day, I can safely claim that we made a great decision, a wedding planner is an excellent idea.

See you soon and I hope you continue to enjoy planning your wedding.

Bodas Huatulco
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