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Wedding ammenities for your beach wedding!

Wedding ammenities for your beach wedding!

Bodas Huatulco- wedding ammenities, amenidades
Hello my brides-to-be!
As we all know, brides are not the only ones who want to look perfect at a wedding, everyone goes with their best dress, or suit, not to mention the hair and makeup, the truth is, even if people try to stay perfect all night long, it is really difficult!,  especially if they are having a good time; and who hasn’t passed that at some point, you don’t smell as beautiful as you did, or your hairstyle isn’t a hairstyle anymore, or even worst, you forgot to bring an additional tampon or pad, (saddly it happens) or you just need mint bubble gum to feel your mouth clean.

Well, your guests will be truly grateful if you think of all these details, so we recommend you to place baskets with some toiletries that your guests (men and women) might need, in the venue’s restrooms.

Based on our experience, we recommend you to consider these ammenities:
  • Spray deodorant.
  • Hairbrush or comb.
  • Bobby pins and hair ties. 
  • Lip gloss or chap stick.
  • Spray, mousse or gel.
  • Sanitary Pads or tampons (girls only)
  • Sewing kit with safety pins.
  • Kleenex.
  • Alka-Seltzer. 
  • Pepto Bismol. 
  • Aspirins. 
  • Band-Aids.
  • Mint Bubble gum.
  • Mouth wash.
  • Lollipops (Tootsie pops are the most popular in Mexico)      
  • Mosquito repellent.
Of course this is just a suggestion, if you have any other idea, or you want to add something else, it would be great! 
Let us know, what else do you think it should be added?

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Still wondering why you need a wedding planner?

Still wondering why you need a wedding planner?

     Hey there! Raise your hand if you've ever thought to yourself: "I don't need a profesional, I can do it myself and save some money". Leave it up if you just had to end up hiring a profesional to fix your fixer upper (I'm blushing crimson). If you're anything like me it has probably happened a couple times to many, the difference with your wedding would be that you don´t get to marry the love of your life twice. Avoid stress complications and the ultimate bridal fear, turning into Bridezilla.

Wedding Planners are there to ensure that your event surpasses the dream that you embraced for your wedding day. Our work not only includes discussion and implementation of ideas for your wedding, but most importantly, our professional advice on the venue option and concept. And overall what for many may seem like an unnecessary expense, can prove to be a way of saving some money.

We provide floor plan options for your reception, help you plan a menu that suits your budget as well as your preferences and arrange food tastings. Among many other things, we support you with your decisions on wedding specifics from decor to vendors to family dynamics, you have no idea how valuable has proven to have an outside person to fix differences of opinion. 
We will provide an estimate budget, based on the size, scale and services required for your wedding. A detailed explanation on deposit structures and payment schedules is also provided, as well as an itinerary of your wedding day.

We will oversee every stage of your wedding, from the ceremony/reception setup to the exit of the last guest. Besides liberating you from excessive stress and time spent, we can expertly guide you through a myriad of complications, while saving you money. 

And all this to ensure that in YOUR wedding day, your husband-to be, You and your families can truly devote yourselves to be happy and enjoy this beautiful experience... 

For all of this to come together... 
it takes time and planning...
but in the end...
All those details...
And all that effort...
Wedding planners
Are worth...
Every single penny...
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Goodbye 2015… Welcome 2016!!!

Goodbye 2015… Welcome 2016!!!

First of all, I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! We hope all your dreams come true.
As we all know, this season is perfect time to love, to reflect, and to analyze what we have done. We feel really lucky for our business and personal success,
We want to share our achievements with you:
This year we organized and coordinated 24 weddings! We thank all beautiful couples for trusting us such an important day, and for letting us help you to make your dream wedding come true.
We coordinated our 100 wedding!! We are so proud of this accomplishment; soon we will be celebrating this with a big event.
We attended to three EXPO BODA at Mexico City, we helped promote #Huatulco, a perfect place for a Beach Destination Wedding.
Also, we attended to the ABC Latin American Congress of Weddings and Events in Mérida, México, it was an unforgettable experience because we  shared a booth with #Oaxaca State, we promoted our beautiful destinations for weddings and special events and we shared our experiences with collaborators and friends.
Bodas Huatulco acquired its registered trademark’s title.

We attended to Oaxaca City to get our Destination Wedding Specialist Certification; it was given by Ilse Diamant, and Elena Rodriguez, and endorsed by the Mexico Tourism Board, the Association for Wedding Professionals International and the A.C.I.B.E.P (a Mexican Association for Wedding Professionals)
We built our new office, acquired new furniture, and changed uniforms, achieving a stronger business.

Only remains to thank publicly my husband Amaury Johannes López Ayuso for being always by my side, to my kids Damyan and Mya, for picking me as their mother, to our families Villaseñor Saavedra and López Ayuso for being with us, and to our collaborators and suppliers because without them we wouldn’t have these big and amazing accomplishments.
So, now it’s time to say Goodbye to 2015, and Welcome 2016, may it be a year full of health, peace and specially love!.
Happy Holidays!!
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